This book is comprised of three short stories, each story focusing on events prior to the Force Awakens for each of the protagonists. Being a book of approximately 240 pages, it is plain to see that this book is aimed more toward the younger demographic. But still enjoyable for older fans of the franchise, especially as it was a quick read. From the very first paragraph it is obvious that its written with enthusiasm and love for the Universe and the characters involved. Also popping up throughout the book are illustrations by Phil Noto, one of the comic artists for the Marvel Star Wars comics among other titles.

The first story is all about Finn’s training as a Stormtrooper with the first order. It was interesting reading about what Finn had to go through to become a fully fledged Stormtrooper. As I had always imagined them with no lives prior to becoming a stormtrooper. Throughout this little tale, you see Finn’s growing battle with his morality and loyalty.

“In that moment he understood it had never been a game. He understood that he was never going to be one of them.”

Although written in relatively simple English, it’s still an enticing story of realisation and eventually growth.

The second story is about Rey’s survival on Jakku. Personally this is my favourite story of the three. Because it went into more detail about things that were left unanswered in the film, such as why can she fly the Millennium Falcon so well.

“So when she wasn’t sleeping or just sitting and listening to the storm or tinkering at her workbench, she flew.”

She scavenges the desert planet for parts to trade for food and water. This has been her life for too long, but she feels compelled to stay. And her already sad backstory get even more tragic as you find out that Rey gets screwed over quite drastically. Basically she finds a spacecraft that’s relatively unhurt by it’s life in the sands of the desert, during her time in it’s reconstruction she meets these other scavengers who agree to help for a portion of the trade. Rey accepts the help and as she just about to agree on terms for the trade the other two steal the spacecraft and leave the planet and Rey behind.

The last story in this book is how Poe Dameron gets himself a position within the Republic. This was my least favourite story in the book, it might be the fact I never really understood the whole Rebellion and how they worked. This was just a bunch of events that for me, were loosely explained and written in a way that I had to just accept it and “power through” just because it was the last story.

My verdict is that if you have a few hours to spare one day and you’re bored, give this a read.


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