Definitely a thought provoking fiction piece partly based on a true story, many aspects of this historical woman have been embellished for the purposes of this novel. As a cis-gendered female, I wished to broaden my mind by reading about the first Male to Female transition.

Very thought provoking and it did nearly made me cry many times. Due to the things Lili Elbe (formerly known as Einar Wegener) had to go through because of the time she lived in. The story also focuses on Gerda, and how she would have to support this monumental decision and finally accept the outcome.

I cant bring my self to talk too much about this book because it moved me so much, also it would probably ruing the book for everyone else. All I want to say is that this book should probably be made compulsory in schools because it opens your eyes to some of the things people have to go through. Yes times have changed but people still have issues accepting transgender people.

This book could help change that.


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