As an avid reader of the Young Adult genre this was a book I’d been eyeing up for a while. So I finally caved and bought it on Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Started out practically the same as most YA books. Girl sees New Boy, New Boy has a secret. Something happens with said Girl that the Boy comes to help/save her from. Basically generic YA plot. Because of this it was a pretty simple read and I flew through it. I wasn’t entirely captivated buy the actual plotline, I did want to know the secret of the new boy, but it didn’t really need to be revealed in the way it was.

So this plot is, Girl meets New Boy, they become friendly, Girl finds out she’s pregnant, won’t reveal who the father is, New Boy offers to pretend to be the father to help her out. But as always the truth comes out in the end and its always disastrous.

The one thing I tend not to like is the “dramatic” plot twist that YA books attempt. This book had one and I saw it coming from the first time that she would say who the father was because it would ruin her life. I knew at that very moment who the damn father was.

I enjoyed it despite it being full of cliches and predictable twists, I did finish it spectacularly quickly. Want a quick read, why not give this a crack.


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