The whole premise of this book is what if. What would’ve happened if she didn’t hit the dog in the first chapter.

And those questions are answered in the three different versions of Eva and Jim’s life.

After reading the blurb, I just had to read this book. Only issue is that it can be quite confusing if you don’t have a great memory or you stop reading half way through a chapter. Because it jumps between the 3 different versions, and has big time gaps in places.

Also I was reading this on the train and was asked by a friend to explain what had happened so far. Boy was that a difficult question to answer! The way I had to go about this book was to have a piece of A4 paper with bullet points for each version just so I had a reference for when I forgot which version I was reading or if I’d taken a long break between reading sessions.

Overall my feeling towards the characters vary, I really enjoyed reading Eva’s storylines but I found Jim to be a bit infuriating. He would either be a wet rag or incredibly disrespectful toward which ever woman he was with. Granted no person is perfect, but in either situation Jim wasnt really the best person to be with.

Good premise, well written albeit confusing at times. All in all it is a very interesting read but difficult.


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