The second part of a trilogy found on Kindle Unlimited. After arriving back from my lovely holiday on the sunny isle of Kos, I started the sequal to The Paper Magician.

Following the lives of Ceony Twill and her Tutor Magician Thane after the shocking conclusion to the first book that I shouldnt mention just in case of spoilers, they get themselves pulled even further into the battle between Criminal Affairs and the dark world of Excision.

The set up of the story was essentially the same as the first but it still worked, as there were bigger issues to overcome with help from other forms of magic, such as Gaffers which are glass magicians.

I was fully invested in the series by the end of the first book, therefore I was fully immersed and reading like the wind! With out saying too much, Ceony learns how she can deal with the one of the worst things life can throw your way.

This book also ends on such an intruiging discovery that I immediately needed to read the third and final installment of the trilogy. That review should be out shortly


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