Such a thrilling end to the trilogy! After finishing the second instalment, I just had to start this one immediately.

We find out a piece of information about the magician’s world that could change everything. Ceony and Magician Emery Thane are the only two alive who know this dangerous piece of information. They must battle with the moral decision of whether to tell the Cabinet. All the while Ceony is preparing to take her Magician’s test, to determine whether she is skilled enough to be a fully fledged Folder.

The writing over the three books has stayed consistently gripping to the point where I was sad when the whole thing was over. The whole series is lovely and quaint, and its not overly sexual like some of the YA fantasy books you can get. This is due to the time in which the story is set. It’s set sort of between the Victorian Era and the 20’s, so the fashion is mentioned is conservative, and Ceony mentioned that she doesn’t like having skirts that end above the ankle.

So in a setting like that, having strong sexual aspect wouldn’t fit into the tone of the book. Which I find so damn refreshing. Im so very glad that I stumbled upon this series.


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