The final instalment of the ‘The Spinster Club’ series, following the hit of ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ and ‘How hard can love be?’. Following the very intelligent and progressive Lottie through the final year of 6th form and her application to university.

At the very beginning of the book Lottie experiences the unfortunate event of sexual harassment in the street on her way to school. And due to the type of character we’re dealing with, Lottie doesn’t decide to just roll over and take it anymore.

So to  highlight how much this is actually an issue, Lottie has embarked on a month long project. Described in the blurb as:


1. Call out anything that is unfair on one gender

2. Don’t call out the same thing twice (so you can sleep and breathe)

3. Always try to keep it funny

4. Don’t let anything slide. Even when you start to break…

Lottie’s determined to change the world with her #Vagilante vlog.

The project comes to fruition through the support of Evie and Amber. Who also convince Lottie to enlist the help of a film maker, also a fellow student, to help her document the project. Little does she realise that by undergoing this project, she’d leave herself open to the world and it’s trolls.

About half way through the project she just cant fight the trolls anymore, thats when the best friends and the people Lottie has affected positively band together to help her through this. Upon completing the project a week before her interview at Cambridge University, her life levels out slightly, the disgusting comments have slowed down. But some how Lottie can make her life interesting, in the last couple of pages she is at her interview. And the book closes on her pointing out the sexism of the interviewers, the two men.

Closing the book on her pointing this out is such a cliffhanger! Will we ever know if that risk paid off? We’ll have to wait patiently to see if Holly Bourne brings any other books out.


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