The only book so far in my challenge that isn’t owned by me! A good friend lent it to me, and holy jesus it was a such a good decision to read this book. Yes I did jump on the bandwagon but that bandwagon is fully deserved.

Following the protagonist Rachel Watson, you begin the book at a point in her life where she is, to put it plainly, unstable. But the further into the book the worse things become as a woman goes missing and she does actually have a piece of information that could help the investigation. Unfortunately in her mind, Rachel has to go further, dig deeper into this mystery that has befallen a small town on the outskirts of London.

With so many twists and turns it is really hard to anticipate the final reveal. Which to be completely honest is just so refreshing in a book like this.

I just cant recommend this book enough, its just so bloody good. An easy 5 star rating on goodreads for me!


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