The only real reason I decided to read this book is because I bulk bought John Green books when I was about 17/18.

Turns out, I’ve outgrown his books. How little I have to say about this indicates how bad it was, I just have no words for the disappointment felt.

The type of language and the style of writing is just awful. I don’t know how it became a New York Times Bestseller. Were there just no other books to contend with?

The amount of times I nearly burnt the book out of pure frustration for the characters portrayal and execution was more than ever before. You do not need to keep using the word fugging every 10 words, its just not needed. Awkward stereotypes and janky storytelling, if the name John Green wasn’t plastered on the cover you would think it was a story written by a 12 year old at best.

Basically, just don’t read it. Find something better.


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