The second book in the saga, so spoilers are most likely to be revealed . I reviewed the first instalment Dorothy Must Die while on holiday in Greece. As I am one of those people who likes to own an entire series in one form. Dorothy Must Die is on my Kindle, the fact that I found this book in a Charity Shop meant I was quite reluctant to have it in a physical copy. But the need to read this book outweighed that issue!

So! The story resumes in the Land Of Oz. We follow Amy Gumm on a journey of understanding and darkness. Things you don’t necessarily think go together, but the way this book is written shows that you can take a character on this journey of revelation about herself while also increasing the death and destruction that seems to follow.

Amy has to find a way to collect all 3 items that were granted by the Wizard:

  1. The Tinman’s Heart
  2. The Lion’s Courage
  3. The Scarecrow’s Brain

If you have read Dorothy Must Die, you will know that one of these has been obtained already. Once she has possessions of these items and only then will she be able to kill Dorothy.

Or so we think.

The further into the story we go the unclearer everything gets. With more twists and revelations about the past, the harder things become for our female protagonist.

And by jove it ends on one mighty cliffhanger. I will be searching for the third book, Yellow Brick War before the release of the final instalment The End of Oz in March 2017.

I cannot recommend this series enough and I’m only half way through!


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