So, this is one of the first books that I have read for the Banging Book Club, even though it is the February Book. There is a reason for this and its because I have the January Book at my father’s house which I will be visiting at the end of this week.

Anyhow onto the review of this book!

You can tell immediately that Nina is definitely not okay. By the fact that she is kicked out of a club due to a lewd sex act she performs by the bar with a guy. Nina is paralytically wasted this night, and worse, 17 years old.

She does not remember between being kicked out and arriving home in the back of a taxi holding onto her knickers. Bad sign!

This is just one of the many things that occur that force Nina to think about the person she is and who she may become. A big role of this reoccurring issue is that she is still heavily attached to her ex, Jamie who left her for another girl on the plane to Hong Kong.

One night she went out with Trish, and got so drunk that she doesn’t remember giving a guy her number. She and Dave meet up and they get smashed, end up having sex in the park. She threw up whilst this was happening. A few days later a second meeting is attempted by Dave. She replies with “Sorry. No, I’ve got homework” They both realise that her age had not been discussed, when Dave finds out she was not in her 20’s like he thought, he replies with:

“I am shocked by this. I got a daughter a bit younger than you. Please take care of yourself. Treat yourself with more self-respect.”

The cycle of black out drunk and her actions while she is in that state cause her to spiral to the point of half being forced into rehab for her obvious abuse of Alcohol by her family and friends. The straw that broke the camels back was when she attempted to seduce her bestfriend’s father at her (Nina’s) 18th birthday party.

Whilst at rehab, Nina finally accepts her bisexuality through therapy. But also by engaging in sober, sexual activities with her roommate Isla the evening before Nina leaves. Nina knew that although it could end disastrously she needed to do this for her own sake. And it does, with Isla falling back into her drunken pattern and dying.

There are so many other things that happen in this book that are relevant to a woman’s life today, social media trolls harassing Nina after some pictures of her adventures with guy at the club go public. Her realising that while she was blackout at the club that she was raped and her rapist, Alex, dismissing her like she was jealous of his relationship with Zoe, Nina’s friend.

The good thing is that the book ends with Nina filing a sexual assault complaint against Alex, with video proof and everything. We can only assume that he was convicted as he had changed his plea to guilty after further evidence was found.

Do give this a read.


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