So my birthday was yesterday. Ninth of August. It would always feel so far away on the 1st of January.

Since I’ve now turned 22, January to August went in a flash. Especially since I’m now on my second job within the space of about 5 months, this time a Permanent Role.

As you can tell I’ve not been very active in my reading. Ive been stuck on Lolita for most of June and July, and the worst part is, IT WASNT ON MY PLAN!

I have some how fallen into the same slump as last year in regards to my reading. Only this year I fell earlier in the challenge.

Which is why I have decided to not carry on with the challenge and to not attempt it again next year. Instead I’m just going to try to get back into the swing of things, review whatever I read and hopefully track my reading that way. No big challenge, no big task. Just reading to enjoy reading.


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